Employers plan to hire 3.9% more graduates from this year’s graduating class than from the class of 2022. Go get yours!!!!!

This article originally appeared in Careersidekick.com by Biron Clark If you have no job after college, whether you just graduated or have been searching for 1-2 years, don’t feel bad. You’re NOT alone. Follow these steps to boost your chances of landing a good job after graduation. 1. Network as Much as Possible One of the… Continue Reading »

Work Is More Than Driving Transactions From Home

Recently I reposted an article from CNBC titled “I Work in the Office 4 days a Week—Here’s Why it’s Where I’m the Most Focused and Productive.”  In doing so I wrote: “For new grads who think working from home 5 days a week is a plus, think again.”  My repost received well over 1,000 views… Continue Reading »

Self-made millionaire says 90% of your success depends on this single skill: ‘Young people are terrible at it’

The following appeared on CNBC by Steve Adcock  a personal finance and career expert Before I retired early at 35, I spent 14 years working in technology. In my senior management positions, I interviewed more than 100 candidates. A surprising amount of them didn’t even make it to the second round.  But being good at interviews isn’t just… Continue Reading »

Don’t try and “map out “the next 40 years of your professional life

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of addressing audiences all over North America about today’s transition from academic to professional life. Attendees are usually students along with their parents. I always enjoy these events and the interactive nature by both students and parents regarding the most effective way to develop a strategic job search… Continue Reading »

College graduate starting salaries are at an all-time high

The following appeared on CNBC.Com by Abigail Johnson Hess on 9/1/’21: Despite a global pandemic that caused massive unemployment and slashed earnings among working-class Americans, starting salaries for recent college graduates continue to rise. According to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for the college Class of 2020 was $55,260 —… Continue Reading »