It has never been more difficult for “The Next Generation” to land a job reflecting their purpose and passion

Graduate to Employment is the personalized "counselor" that supports students and recent graduates in launching their career.  Did you know:

Approximately 50% of the Class of 2020...

Did not have a full-time job upon finishing school while another 260,000 recent graduates were working at or below minimum wage despite their parents investing thousands of dollars in tuition, test prep, and college coaches.

83% of students surveyed...

Said the Career Services group at their school was “not very helpful” in their job search process.

65% of recent graduates...

Have already moved back in with their parents, or are planning to do so.

1.8MM graduates...

Comprise the class of 2020, it has never been more competitive for a transitioning college student to land a job.

2,672 to 1...

Is the average ratio of students to college career center personnel.

41% of recent grads...

Earn $25,000 or less at their first job out of college.

Michael Sherman and the Graduate to Employment Program are the keys to helping today's students differentiate themselves

Michael Sherman

For almost 25 years Michael Sherman has been a thought leader in the fields of Staffing and Recruitment. His experience includes:

  • Leading Global Talent Acquisition at Bank of America
  • Accountable for hiring thousands of interns and new college graduates each year
  • Coaching hiring managers on what makes a great entry-level candidate
  • Advising the President's Department of Labor on what companies and hiring decision makers look for in prospective candidates
More About Michael Sherman

Michael’s expertise and insight has provided direction and clarity to my career search. His industry knowledge has been a powerful tool, from providing feedback on how to improve my resume, advice on how to get my resume noticed, and helpful tips on preparing for interviews. Working with Michael helped me focus my energy in the right direction.

J.C. Boston, MA
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