Regardless of their financial status, all parents want their children to find purposeful work as they transition from college. You can help.

Client families are concerned about the ability of their children and grandchildren to find meaningful employment as they transition from academic to professional life. An introduction to the “Graduate to Employment” program makes good sense for you and your clients.

Financial advisor
  • Clients lead complex lives, they want and seek expert advice
  • Parents worry not only about financial security, but also about the futures and well-being of their children
  • 100% of the Millennial Inheritors who worked outside the family business
    value that experience and call it highly impactful
  • If appropriate, when is the right time to join the family firm?
  • Up to 88% of heirs who inherit wealth will change Wealth Advisors due to a lack of relationship with their parents’ advisor

“Graduate to Employment” demonstrates your empathy for the Next Generation. Providing an introduction will add value to beneficiaries as they look to transition from campus to a career. Your practice will address a stressful family concern while establishing a trusted relationship with the Next Generation.

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