What Parents Are Saying…

Michael Sherman is worth his weight in gold! He made my son and I very comfortable from day one of meeting him and throughout the process of transitioning from college to employment. He provided keen insights and experience in reviewing collateral materials like resumes, cover letters, follow up communications as well as prepping for First, second and final interviews. He was always available for pre and post interview critiques and feedback. He counseled me when I needed it and provided objective feedback on how things were progressing. As the parent of a creative/arts career seeker his transferable advice brought a professional approach that resulted in an offer from a top creative company with an international reputation. My son will have a job at graduation. The investment in college becomes realizable through the consultancy of Michael Sherman. I see this as insurance for a positive outcome even if your kid is brilliant.

C.S. Boston, MA

Michael Sherman not only helped our daughter to secure her first post college job, he taught her skills that will serve her well for the rest of her professional life. From networking skills, to developing effective resumes and cover letters, to thorough preparation for interviews and subsequent follow-up, he made sure she was well prepared to present herself and her qualifications in the best light possible. His goal was not simply for her to get a job. His goal was for her to secure the position she really wanted. Michael offers what college career offices should offer their students, which is experience based pragmatic advice and guidance as to how to pursue and obtain employment. Our daughter worked very hard to find the right position, but the whole process was made much easier and avoided so many potential missteps as a result of Michael’s assistance and counseling.

N.R. Pittsburgh, PA

Like many things in life, people don’t know what they don’t know. I found this to be particularly true with my son in the middle of his senior year at a top Midwest college in the relatively early stages of his job search for his first post-college gig. He did not have top of his class grades or large company spot-on internships prior to his senior year. He also didn’t want to engage his mom and dad much in the details surrounding his activates related to his search. Michael and his coaching provided the foundation for my son to systematically approach each step with purpose and increasing expertise. From establishing a more professional on-line presence to role-playing as prep for interviews, Michael was there supporting and guiding every step of the way. Today, I am happy to report that one week after graduation, my son is starting his first day of work at one of the largest financial institutions in America. My family and I are grateful to Michael and his expertise and I would strongly encourage anyone who can relate to any of the above-to reach out to Michael.

H.B. Boston, MA

Michael not only consulted my son as he searched for employment after college, he coached him on how to effectively plan and position himself in pursuit of a career versus ‘landing a job.’ As an anxious parent hoping to see my son enter the workforce sooner than later, Michael was able to provide great perspective on the labor market, how to reach the right people in the right way, and to do it a pace that was suitable for my son. He was invaluable in mentoring my son through a critical personal transition, from the structure and routines of college life to making it happen on your own in an increasingly tough labor market.

R.H. New York, NY

Michael Sherman really knows his stuff! He handled it all — he prepped our son for interviews and helped him with a resume and cover letters. He followed up with our son regularly and formed a strong rapport — our son trusted him and so do we. Graduate to Employment showed genuine concern and interest in our son’s success. We recommend Michael Sherman and his business without reservation!

A.H. Potomac, MD

What Clients Are Saying…

Michael’s expertise and insight has provided direction and clarity to my career search. His industry knowledge has been a powerful tool, from providing feedback on how to improve my resume, advice on how to get my resume noticed, and helpful tips on preparing for interviews. Working with Michael helped me focus my energy in the right direction.

J.C. Boston, MA

Michael did an extraordinary job with helping me put together a standout resume, preparing me with the right questions to ask interviewers and really giving me an insider’s perspective on what companies are looking for in an employee. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new or even a first job. Michael’s support made a massive difference in my job search!

C.M. Denver, CO

It cannot be overstated how much Michael helped me in my job search process. Whether it was prepping me for interviews, revising cover letters, or a mid-week meeting to keep me focused and on track, Michael was there every step of the way. Having someone in my corner that has the knowledge and expertise of Michael gave me absolute confidence throughout the entire process.

A.H. New York, NY

I was thinking of you and Graduate to Employment as I recently hit my one year mark here at my new job. I wanted to thank you again for everything you’ve done. The experience I’m getting here is excellent and the process we went through really helped me get to where I am today.

S.H. Morristown, NJ

Michael helped me build a resume that really set me apart from other grads in my class. I left more confident in my ability to find a great job within my field of choice. He took the time to understand not only what I wanted to do but how best to position me to stand out from others looking for the same opportunities. I would recommend Michael and the Graduate to Employment program to anyone looking for help entering the workforce.

M.S. Harrisonburg, VA

Michael has played a critical role in my job-searching process and has been by my side through every step of the way. He has helped me create a stand-out resume, effectively prepare for interviews, consolidate impressive and unique interview questions, and craft thoughtful and professional emails. Michael has also helped me develop the confidence and skill-sets I needed before walking into an interview. I really couldn’t have been where I am now if it weren’t for Michael, so thank you for everything!!

T.T. New York, NY

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable guidance and insight that you provided during my job search. Your ability to keep me focused instilled much needed confidence especially when the light at the end of the tunnel did not seem readily visible. I look forward to starting my new position at the end of the month and per your coaching am so pleased I did not settle for anything less. Thank you for everything.

M.R. New York, NY

Michael has it all – he’s knowledgeable, helpful, personable, and professional. What truly sets him apart, however, is how much he cares about helping you in your job search. He remembered every detail of every conversation we had. I felt like I was his only client because he was always available when I needed him. I always felt like he made me his top priority. He not only helped me find the right job for me, but helped me develop skills that I will use in my career as it continues to unfold.

N.H. San Francisco, CA

Before I met Michael, I was stressed and scared that I wouldn’t find a job after college. The first thing Michael did was give me the confidence I needed that if I listened to him and worked hard, I shouldn’t be concerned about finding a job. I was thoroughly impressed with Michael’s availability to coach and his “hands on” approach. Michael gave me the impression that I wasn’t just another client. His network and knowledge is vast and he gave me every tool to be successful in my search. I am very thankful to have been connected with him because I don’t believe I would’ve found the position I wanted without him.

J.B. Chicago, IL

“Michael provided objective advice when I needed it most. His clear, experienced guidance helped me stay level-headed for interviews. Then, he helped me navigate job offers to decide which opportunity was best for me both professionally and personally. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for help during the often overwhelming job search process!

C.L. Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so much for your help and support throughout my entire job search process. I really appreciated your guidance throughout interview preparation, resume/Linkedin building, and networking. I will take these valuable skills with me for the rest of my life

J.G. Greenwich, CT