Its Time To Start Thinking About An Internship Next Summer

A summer internship at the completion of one’s junior year can be an invaluable tool to post-graduation employment. Studies show 63% of graduates who complete a paid summer internship will receive a job offer. In addition, the average starting salaries of Graduates who participate in paid internships are 28% higher than their peers without internship experience. Bottom line: Internships work and should be fully leveraged in your job search process. A few must do’s:

Before returning to school make sure your home-based network is aware of your desire for an internship next summer. Friends of parents, relatives, moms and dads of your high school classmates should all be approached.

Once back on campus make an appointment with your career services office to learn which employers will be recruiting during the Fall for positions next summer. Of those from industries of interest research each company to be fully prepared for interviews and be ready for those interviews with specific information and questions about each firm. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Network with your friends who just completed an internship to get company contacts and reach out. When meeting with companies be open to different roles and locations. Keep in mind an internship is not a full time position; it’s a chance for you to demonstrate superior performance while learning about the company’s industry and culture. In addition to possible post-graduation employment a summer internship allows you to gain practical experience in a professional setting while validating that a specific industry and company are a good fit for you and your career plans. You will build your network, your professional skills, and your resume while significantly increasing your odds of receiving a job offer!