The only wrong answer during your interview

Over my 25+ years in the staffing and recruitment fields I have interviewed thousands of candidates. I enjoy learning about their backgrounds, life experiences, and why they are interested in joining our team. The best interviews are interactive with our conversation taking us down various paths. There is however one answer which can stop even the strongest applicant from moving forward. That answer is “no” when I conclude the interview by asking if he/she has any questions for me. How interested could they really be in joining us if they don’t have a single question about the company, our culture, our business or me based on our conversation. When I hear “no” I hear “lack of preparation,” “lack of interest” and “lack of passion about our company.” When interviewing, always have questions ready even if that question is “I would love to join your team and based on our time together today do you have any concerns about my moving forward in your process?”