The Most Successful Interviews End With A Close

Over my career, I lost count many years ago how many times I would walk back to my office after an interview thinking, “I wonder if they really want to work here.” You have heard it before: Your interview is a sales call and you are the product. So what do the most successful sales people do- they ask for the order. They close the deal. Being prepared with questions is a must for any successful candidate. And perhaps the most important question during your interview is your last: “Based on our time together today is there anything else I can answer that will help you determine if I’m a strong fit for your opportunity? Lastly, I want to reiterate how interested I am in joining your team.” This approach accomplishes two things: If there are any concerns about your fit for the role it gives you a chance to address and alleviate them on the spot. It also serves to eliminate any doubt the interviewer may have about your interest in the position being discussed. Remember- a successful interview always concludes by closing the deal!