Interviewing In The Age of COVID-19

The way we live often changes after events that cause work to almost stop.  When I was in college if you “beeped” going through a metal detector at an airport, you kept walking (with your shoes on) saying “it’s just my keys” and were told “have a nice flight.” During and post COVID-19, the way companies interview and locate employees are what I see will change. Are you ready?  Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t dress casually. Not only will this demonstrate to the interviewer you realize the importance of the meeting, it will help put you in the right frame of mind
  • Ensure your equipment is working. Download any needed software a few days before and do a dry run with a friend
  • Have a hard copy of your resume with you and take notes
  • Take advantage of being in a virtual setting. Demonstrate you are comfortable in “remote” situations (beginning with this interview)
  • Make sure you ask questions as the best interviews are interactive. Like a tradition interview, that last question should always be about you: “I would love to join your team and based on our time together today do you have any concerns about my moving forward in your process?”

Those who succeed will have a plan and demonstrate flexibility. Are you ready to succeed?