A Disconnect

There is a disconnect between today’s candidates for entry level positions and the managers interviewing them. According to a joint report from PayScale, and Future Workplace while 87% of recent graduates said they feel well prepared to hit the ground running after graduation, only half of hiring managers surveyed agree with them. Why the disconnect?… Continue Reading »

Its Time To Start Thinking About An Internship Next Summer

A summer internship at the completion of one’s junior year can be an invaluable tool to post-graduation employment. Studies show 63% of graduates who complete a paid summer internship will receive a job offer. In addition, the average starting salaries of Graduates who participate in paid internships are 28% higher than their peers without internship… Continue Reading »

Moving Forward

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 41.6% of the Class of 2016 are either working part-time, have plans to enter graduate school or are actively looking for meaningful employment.  If you are looking for a job but have not yet been successful a few thoughts: 1)      Remain positive: Sure.  The plan was… Continue Reading »

Your Interview Begins Before You Walk Through The Door

In my March blog I wrote about the power of social media as a networking resource. But job seekers are not the only group to leverage this tool. Record numbers of employers and hiring managers rely on Social Media to research applicants as part of their candidate evaluation process. According to an Ohio State Law… Continue Reading »

Follow Your Passion and Get Involved!

Employers of recent college students continue to stress the importance of a candidate’s non-academic characteristics when evaluating them against others for post-graduation employment. While academic excellence will always be a strong factor in differentiating applicants consider this; according to a recent survey of 315 Employers by the Association of American Colleges and Universities 93% cited… Continue Reading »

Your Path To Success Is Preparation

The very best at what they do were not born that way. Behind every example of success and accomplishment you will find a story of hard work and preparation. One of the greatest actors of all time, it’s no shock that Robert De Niro leaves nothing to chance. To get ready for his role in… Continue Reading »

The World Is Getting Smaller

The world continues to get smaller. According to Facebook the average pair of its users has just 3.46 degrees of separation between them. With a single click you can find out instantly what your friend traveling on the other side of the world did today, what they had for lunch and if they were satisfied… Continue Reading »

Own Your Campus Transition Plan

2016 brings both good news and strong challenges for those students who will be looking to transition into the workforce after graduating college.  According to a survey of 201 Companies by the National Association of College and Employers, average starting salaries for new graduates will increase by 5.2% over those earned by the class of 2015.… Continue Reading »